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Sweet braided.

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? 
Mine was very good, I went to a concert in a very unplanned way but, it was really good!! I think I needed that sort of fun :)

But I also took advantage of this end of week to make a portrait in pencil, something that I didn't do for a long time.

My inspiration was this picture of a model rockin' a beautiful messy braid style which I love, don't you?
It is a beauty pic, and a great hairstyle. Braids are in!

Would you try it?

Hope you all like it.



  1. What a talent! This is gorgeous!

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! <3


    1. Thanks you so much Diana! Glad you liked it!!
      I've looked out at your blog and I really really like it :D It's very nice, love the Leather and Plaid outfit post and love the colors of you theme!! :)

      Have a nice day!! xo


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