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While in process

Some retro-inspired sketches.

Love this picture, those colours make me happy :)

Some glamour with red high heels.

Hello everyone, how's your day?

Today post is a bit different. I've been painting this past days and I wanted to show you a little of what I've been doing  today and share with you all these photos, a bit of my inspiration.

Hope you all like it



  1. Very pretty :))
    Can´t wait to see the final result

    xxx Barbora♥♥

  2. Incredible sketches! Do you sketch and then paint the colors?

    ~ Caroline

    1. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much!! Yes, I first is the sketch. I make it in pencil and just some few times I decide to put a bit of color on them, but yes, the last step is the color! :)


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