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Playful Red.

Hello everyone, how's your week so far? It's Friday guys!! :D

Today post is about this great dress by D&G SS 2013.

When I looked at the picture, what really caught my attention was the fabric.
It is made of raffia, which is a synthetic yarn, and the colour is really nice.
The entire collection was great but this piece must I say, was my favourite. The bustier, the belt, the earrings!...everything!

So I decided to draw it.
It's a pencil and watercolour paint.
Doing the belt was fun as well as the tassels.

Red raffia bustier. D&G ss 2013

What do you think of the dress, do you like it? and what about the entire collection?

Happy weekend!



  1. You are very talent my dear i wish i had your drawing skill! lllove it

    :) great day

    1. Thank you so much Tali! Glad you like it :)

      Great day to you too :)

  2. My sweet Natalia, so much time!!!! how are you doing? how is your life? Love this drawing, you are so talentetd. So many kisses for you!

  3. Beautiful! Very creative, I love it!


  4. Hi dear,

    wow, amazing dress! love your sketch :)
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    and let me know what you think!
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    Looking forward seeing you on my blog again!


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