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Strong yet Classic

Hi everyone!! How are you all?! :)
Welcome to my new followers, I hope you like my blog and I want to apologize for not posting lately, a problen arose with my scan but well, here I am an this time want to show you all this drawing that I did. I get inspired by this post of SOYL .
Loved this post!, really cought my attetion. Love this "dramatic" and colorful make up, think I choose the colorful, it does look fun!! :) 
But I drew the darkly make up, it looks more classic.

PS: (Sorry about the picture quality, but due to the problem that I mentioned, I had to take a picture with my camera ... but this is not professional :/)

Hope you all like it :)


  1. Amazing pictures! Congr!!
    I'm following you! And you? :)
    kiss, yumiKo

  2. Wow it's beautifullllll I'm glad you were inspired! Love Soraya


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