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Faves - 1st Edition

Hello everyone!! How are you all?! 
Ages without writing, but here I am showing you all once again one of my drawings.

This time, I wanted to show you, a drawing that I did with some of my favorite sunglasses.
The first, are some Cat Eye sunglasses, think they are very elegant and feminine (you can found them here).
The 2nd are some ASOS orange (wich is one of my fv colors!) round sunglasses, very stylish but casual too, I just love them! (found them here).
& the 3rd ones, are a Degraded Sunglasses. Chanel launched ones (some time ago) and  I Love them!! Don't you?
-Some of the people using these are the Olsen twins-

I'd never drawn sunglasses, but now that they are so In well, I couldn't resist :)

-Painted them on photoshop-

So, Wich are your favorites?
You can take a look at some more of my favorite and more! here to get inspired  ;)

Hope you all like it.



  1. You are a verry talented girl! Be proud of it! Keep on going! :)

  2. AMAZING! I'm following, hope you'll follow back.

    I like the last one the most!


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