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Faves - 3rd Edition: My accessories

Hello! How's your day so far everyone?
Mine is a little bit ..."fast"?  Time's flying!

Today I want to share with you some of my favourite accessories.The ones that I use the most.

1. It's an Agate ring, I love it! (It was a present from my Dad)and the colour is beautiful, it is an aqua colour.
2. These are some charm bracelets that I did myself some time ago and they are special for me because of the pendants :)
3. It is my favourite watch of all. (I am one of those people that use to have many watches...even 
though I barely use them :| ) So this is the one that I wear almost everyday.

I like them very much! and I love their colours.

What are your favourites accessories? Those you could not live without.



  1. Nice accessories Natalia! No wonder they're your faves.

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  2. Hola!
    I love accessories. I think they add so much to an outfit and completes a look. I invite you to visit my blog and FB Fanpage. Great connecting with you here. :)




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