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Faves - 4rd Edition: Make-up Girls!

Hello guys, how's been this new year four you all so far?
Mine's have been a little bit... quite. But that's good.

Today's post is about almost all girls love: Make-up!
Thought I have to confess that I almost never wear make-up...don't know why, there are always some make-up products that we just can't live without.

So, here are some of my fave:

1. Black Mascara: even if I don't wear make-up, mascara is a MUST. It can really make the difference.
2. Lip gloss or lipstick: it makes us look girly and a little healthier, giving some colour to the lips.
3. Blush: I'm weird because if I wear mascara and lipstick, I have to use blush!...even though I do not wear make up, right?  haha. 
My favourite is a pale rose tone (it's also the only one that looks good on me).

And as a bonus, not a product but a of make-up trendCat eyes.
A very well done one, looks good in any eyes type.

(sorry about the illustration since it looks like a smoky eye make-up).

But I want to know, what's your favourite make-up products?



  1. Omg the photo is soo cool! Did you do it yourself? I don't wear make up often either but you're right mascara is a must!


    1. Thank you!! yes, I did it, glad you liked it :)
      and yes! mascara can makes a very big twist!

      ps: your blog is really pretty!

  2. Cute...I'd say nail polish. You can accessorize with it ;)

    xoxo Gozika

    1. Thank you! :) and yes!, the funny part is that I LOVE nail polish!! I don't even know why I forgot about it haha but yes, it could be a really nice complement :)


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